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Our Vision Caribbean and Latino Film Festival 2024 Announces 20 Projects Selected for the Feature Films, Documentaries, Short Films, and Music Videos Lineup for the In-Person and Virtual Festival Screenings

Charles Alleyne, Our Vision Founder, COO & Dr. Christopher C. Odom, MFA, PhD, Our Vision, CEO

Our Vision is Your Vision

Los Angeles, CA, December 21, 2023 — Today the nonprofit Our Vision Caribbean and Latino Film Festival announced the 20 narrative feature films, documentary feature films, narrative short films, documentary short films, and music videos selected for the 2024 in-person film festival on January 13, 2024 and virtual festival from January 14, 2024 to February 13, 2024 on Filmocracy. In-Person Ticket Sales and Online Ticket Sales begin on January 2, 2024.

The in-person festival will take place on Saturday, January 13, 2024 from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM at California State University, Dominguez Hills in Carson, CA. The virtual festival will take place January 14, 2024 to February 14, 2024 on Filmocracy and on streamer Hoopla, via a free 1-week BingePass.

Adding to this year’s festivities, special awards will be given to the Barbados Association of Southern California (BASC) and the immigrant rights advocacy organization, Espacio Migrante, based in Tijuana Mexico.

A lifetime achievement award will be presented to the Our Vision Caribbean and Latino Film Festival godmother, Isaura Espinoza, for her career as a film and television actress appearing in well over 100 films and television shows.

“Our Vision has created a space and place where Caribbean and Latino filmmakers showcase their unique stories, amplify their voices, and inspire audiences around the world. Film has the power to break down barriers, bridge cultures, and promote dialogue. We are ecstatic to share this incredible cinematic journey with global audiences,” said Charles Alleyne, Chief Operating Officer, Our Vision Caribbean and Latino Film Festival.

“The Our Vision Caribbean and Latino Film Festival invites filmmakers from Caribbean and Latin American diaspora to share their work, reach their audience, and turn their dreams into reality,” said Dr. Christopher C. Odom, MFA, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Our Vision Caribbean and Latino Film Festival.


Narrative Feature Films Competition

The Silence of August (El Silencio de Augusto), Mexico (Director, Screenwriter, Producer: Adrián Contreras) — Augusto, a university professor finds his wife in bed with another man. Augusto shoots himself with a gun in front of them. He survives in quadriplegia, cannot speak or move. He will try to recover to come back to life. Cast: Regina Orozco, Eduardo Azuri.

Documentary Feature Films Competition

Debs Studio, France (Director, Screenwriter: Miguel OCTAVE; Producers: Frederic TYRODE SAINT LOUIS, Henri Charbel DEBS) — Debs Studio tells the story of Henri Debs and how he developed the music industry in the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Cast: Henri DEBS, Max SEVERIN, Thierry FANFANT, Yves HONORE, Jean DEBS.

Indigo (Añil), El Salvador (Director: Julio Rolando López Fernández; Screenwriters, Producers: Julio Rolando López Fernández, Paula Sofia Cuellar Cuellar) — Once upon a time, an indigo spirit stopped in El Salvador and found the story of a country wounded and tired of centuries of violence. What surprised the spirit the most is that many wounds are still open. It was then that the spirit decided to bring together three young actresses to interpret and share the testimonies of women who were raped during the civil war in that country. This is their story…Cast: Emy Mena, Larissa Maltez, Lilibeth Rivas.

Narrative Short Films Competition

A Tempting Torment, United States (Director, Screenwriter: Sharice Keyes; Producers: Ilea Moyer, Lauren Rawlins) — Sadie is a neurotic twenty-something trying her best to navigate today’s dating world when she falls hard for a guy who has disappeared on her, after she gave him a gift. Trying her best not to seem thirsty, Sadie does everything possible to distract herself from contacting the object of her affection, only to come to some realizations that her issues with men may stem from a childhood riddled with domestic violence. Cast: Yohanna Florentino, Melissa Scott, Barbara Moonsammy, Ashley Taylor Greaves, Lala Marshall, Keith Keyes, Mona Bode.

Getting Aria Back, United States (Director, Screenwriter, Producer: Heidy Torres) — When a CIA agent’s niece gets kidnapped, she will look for her in all the wrong places. Cast: Heidy Torres, Isabella Acosta Torres, Nakary Eriksson, Danny Montenegro, Eli Jeffree Zen, Luis Acosta.

Hide! (Escóndete), Mexico (Director, Producer: Áron Ferenc Kostyál; Screenwriter: Rodrigo Galván) — Mario, a Jr. High student, runs and hides during recess, wherever and however he can from his classmate José. Meanwhile, José searches for Mario and does everything in his power to find him. The tension between classmates culminates when one of them finally finds the other… Cast: Donaldo Israel López Ruiz, Uzziel Carrillo.

KISS ME, Mexico (Director, Screenwriter, Producer: Adrián Contreras) — A strange virus invades the life of Alice, an American woman who lives in Los Angeles. While her boyfriend Daniel will do everything possible to take care of her and protect her. Cast: Roberta Sparta, Ricardo Veiga.

Puerto Rican Jew, United States (Director: Louis Carrasco; Screenwriter: Carlos A Hiciano; Producer: Alfonso M Rodriguez) — A man finds out he is half Jewish after taking a DNA test. Cast: Christian Miranda, Linsy Segarra, Gregor Lopes, Jim Shankman.

Shot in The Dark (Destello En La Oscuridad), United States (Director, Screenwriter: Astrid Andujar; Producers: Astrid Andujar, No Matinees) — The film follows a troubled photographer in the search of something otherworldly, and herself. Cast: Sophia Parola.

The Guardian’s Lake, Mexico (Director, Screenwriter: Adrián Contreras Juárez; Producer: Gabriel Lemus) — Alan, a boy who was playing with his brother Mateo in a forest, disappears after encountering a mysterious lake. Cast: Moises Suarez.

Documentary Short Films Competition

Unshaken, United States (Directors: James Q Martin, Nicholas Geib; Producer: Molly Brown) — UNSHAKEN follows Mohlenne Bosse, a young Haitian woman, as she learns how to walk on crude prosthetics after suddenly losing both of her legs to a mysterious affliction baffling the Haitian and American doctors who worked to save her legs and then her life. As she grapples with the loss of her mobility, the loss of her mother and the near constant turmoil her country faces she finds strength in the pursuit of becoming a prosthetist and sharing her story with her country. Four years after her surgeries she continues to inspire both the surgeons and nurses who treated her and anyone who crosses her path. When she smiles the room lights up and when she looks at you she touches your soul. Cast: Mohlenne Bosse.

Music Videos Competition

Sungazer Video, United States (Director: Alexandra Aristy; Screenwriters: James Skylar, Mark Richardson; Producers: Alexandra Aristy, Robin Fontaine) — Cast: Rocio de la Grana, Evan Michael Hart, Vex, Skylar J.

Unexpected Love, Music Video, United States (Director: Abdias Laguerre; Writer: Janelle Demergeau) — Cast: Athlet St fleur, Jamaul Divisien, Tonye Garrick.


Narrative Feature Films Competition

Unexpected Love, United States (Director: Abdias Laguerre; Screenwriters: Aly Laveaux, Obianuju Sandra Madueke Laveaux; Producer: Smarlin Rafael Gutierrez) — Blending the cultural differences of HAITIAN and NIGERIAN TRADITIONS, “Unexpected Love” captures the AMERICAN COLLEGE experience through the lens of INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Ada, Jean, Marie and Nnamdi. Experience the whirlwind journey of friendship and the blossoming of young love in this heartwarming, music-filled, ROMANTIC COMEDY. Cast: Stella Damasus, Tonye Garrick, Athlet (Flav) St Fleur, Naomy Grand’Pierre, Ugonna Madueke, Reginald Chevalier, NaMÓ.

Documentary Feature Films Competition

Santiago of the Women, Puerto Rico (Director, Producer: Rosamary Berrios-Hernández; Screenwriters: Rosamary Berrios-Hernández, Juan Pablo Soto-Adames) — The documentary narrate the daily drama and the impressive devotion of devoted women to the image of Santiago Apostle. Their stories are intertwined with the emblematic elements of the celebrations in honor of the “saint” as a gesture that takes shape in the spirituality of all a town. It is a look at the metaphor between the myth of the appearance of Santiago in Loíza and the cultural resistance of the community. The title Santiago of the women, alludes to one of the three effigies of the same Santiago Apostle. These projects a specific and local mythology that refers to universal themes of the relationship between the past and present, social, physical and geographical transformations. All the experience of the celebrations to Santiago is kept in memory. They are perhaps an annual renewal passage that reminds us of the character, vitality and function of the loiceña woman as a pillar of the community. Cast: Hilda Juana Pizarro, Daisy Tapia, María Del Pilar Tapia, Ana Silvia Fuentes, Priscila Osorio, Raquel Ayala, Dalia Pizarro, Rosa Julia Calcaño.

The Great British Documentary, United Kingdom (Director, Writer: Joan Hillery; Producers: David Wiles, Robbie Samuels, Sagal Aden Buxton) — Shot over ten years and prompted by the death of her father, filmmaker Joan explores Britain’s colonial past and the legacy her dual black and white heritage has had on her life. Cast: Joan Hillery.

Music Videos Competition

Al Revés, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of (Director: Luis Figeuredo; Producers: Daniel Prypchan, Victor Morales) — Cast: Danny Pryp, Pat Gales.

Provoca, United States (Director. Producer: Robot Vision, LLC) —  Cast: Danny Pryp.

Wateke, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of (Director: Luis Figeuredo; Producers: Daniel Prypchan, DaGold, Victor Morales) —  Cast: Danny Pryp, Annabela.

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The Our Vision Caribbean and Latino Film Festival is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a space for Caribbean and Latino filmmakers to tell their stories and share their work. To support the work of the festival and promote Caribbean and Latino Filmmakers please visit to contact the festival and offer your support.

Charles Allleyne, Our Vision Founder, COO & Dr. Christopher C. Odom, MFA, PhD, Our Vision CEO

Charles Allleyne, Our Vision Founder, COO & Dr. Christopher C. Odom, MFA, PhD, Our Vision CEO

Charles Alleyne, Filmmaker & Educator Our Vision Founder 🎞️ is a seasoned feature and short filmmaker and educator. Charles has written, directed, and or produced over +100 short and long-form projects and developed and supervised over +500 student film projects in South Central Los Angeles. As an independent feature film producer, director, and writer, his feature film “Justin Brown” screened internationally in Germany and his short film “Unspoken” captivated audiences throughout Hollywood and Los Angeles. Follow Charles Alleyne on Instagram - Dr. Christopher C. Odom, MFA, PhD, Our Vision Chief Executive Officer 🎞️ earned his PhD in Texts and Technology, Digital Media at the University of Central Florida and his MFA in Film and Television from the University of California, Los Angeles. As a filmmaker, Dr. Odom has produced, directed, written, shot, and/or edited +500 short and long-form creative projects. As a Course Director at Full Sail University, Dr. Odom has supervised and developed an additional +500 student short scripts and films. A published author and domestic and international award-winning filmmaker and voiceover talent, Dr. Odom’s work has appeared in major cities worldwide, including Cannes, Berlin, Tel Aviv, New York, and Los Angeles. Connect with Dr. Odom on LinkedIn -