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Submit your film now to the next Our Vision Caribbean and Latino Film Festival which takes place on January 13, 2024

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Founder, Coo, Host

Charles Alleyne

Charles Alleyne, Filmmaker & Educator Our Vision Founder 🎞️ is a seasoned feature and short filmmaker and educator. Charles has written, directed, and or produced over +100 short and long-form projects and developed and supervised over +500 student film projects in South Central Los Angeles. As an independent feature film producer, director, and writer, his feature film “Justin Brown” screened internationally in Germany and his short film “Unspoken” captivated audiences throughout Hollywood and Los Angeles. Follow Charles Alleyne on Instagram.

CEO, Host

Dr. Christopher C. Odom, MFA, PhD

Dr. Christopher C. Odom, MFA, PhD, Our Vision Chief Executive Officer 🎞️ earned his PhD in Texts and Technology, Digital Media at the University of Central Florida and his MFA in Film and Television from the University of California, Los Angeles. As a filmmaker, Dr. Odom has produced, directed, written, shot, and/or edited +500 short and long-form creative projects. As a Course Director at Full Sail University, Dr. Odom has supervised and developed an additional +500 student short scripts and films. A published author and domestic and international award-winning filmmaker and voiceover talent, Dr. Odom’s work has appeared in major cities worldwide, including Cannes, Berlin, Tel Aviv, New York, and Los Angeles. Connect with Dr. Odom on LinkedIn.

Best Film Streaming Distribution

Through Filmocracy’s partnership with Hoopla, winners of the best feature, best documentary, or best short categories will be considered for non-exclusive streaming distribution through Hoopla. Hoopla’s titles will become available to 5 million Hoopla users. For a single view that lasts for more than 30 seconds, feature film producers will be paid $0.50 per view. Short films will be made available in bundles in groups of 5. Each short will receive $0.10 per view that last over 30 seconds.

Share Your Work

Enjoy a platform that allows you to share your vision and share your art.

Reach Your Audience

Through the internet, reach and expanded global niche target audience.

Fulfill Your Dreams

Win your festival category had have your work screen in theaters in LA and NY for Oscar consideration.

Our Vision Caribbean and Latino Filmmaker Podcast

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