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Our Vision Film Festival and Filmmaker Podcast Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

We rely on our team of volunteers to make this festival a success. Volunteering for the Our Vision Film Festival and Filmmaker Podcast is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Every festival, volunteers help create a global platform to celebrate Caribbean and Latino independent film by collaborating with one another and supporting the mission behind what we do.

Want to join us? We’re looking for volunteers and interns to assist with different aspects of the Festival and Podcast. The in-person festival will take place from January 13, 2024, the virtual festival will take place January 14 – February 13, 2024, and the podcast is ongoing throughout the year.

The real benefit of volunteering isn’t the perks or even the films-it’s being part of a passionate community dedicated to supporting Caribbean and Latino independent visual art and providing positive experiences for all. All volunteers and interns are provided with an all-access pass to both the in-person and virtual film festival screenings.

Please review volunteer and intern information at If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us via the festival and podcast website.

The Our Vision Caribbean and Latino Filmmaker Film Festival and Podcast needs volunteers and interns to assist with the following areas:

Film Festival Volunteer and Intern Opportunities

Public Relations

Compile press and media kits for the festival, filmmakers, and special awardees. Contact local and online print, radio, broadcast, and streaming media outlets to get coverage of the festival and interviews with filmmakers and special awardees. Contact local industry agents, executives, distributors, and sales reps, to screen content in-person or during the online virtual film festival.

Social Media

Promote the festival on social media leading up to the festival. Provide real-time festival updates during the festival. Promote the virtual film festival on social media throughout the duration of the virtual screenings of the films on Filmocracy and Hoopla.

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinate all volunteer activities and assignments before and during the in-person and virtual festival screenings.

Technical Operations

Run the video projection throughout the festival and operating the audio sound system for the opening, moderation, Q&A, screenings, and closing awards ceremony. Conduct festival audio and video setup and breakdown before and after the festival.

Special Guests and Sponsors Relations

Provide general assistance for special guests, awardees, and sponsors with any needs that they should have.

Box Office

Conduct ticket sales during the festivals, provide will call check-in, and offer guest information services.


Assist with the overall theater operations by checking tickets, assisting with seating, providing overall guest information services, and venue setup and breakdown.


Take pictures throughout the festival along the red carpet, filmmaker Q&A’s, awards ceremony, and festival close.


Record video during the red carpet opening, the moderated introductions to each film festival session, filmmaker Q&A’s, and awards ceremony.

Production Assistants, Runners, Floaters

Provide support before and during the festival in a variety of ways as needs arise.

Filmmaker Transportation

If needed, provide filmmakers with pickup from the airport and transportation to their hotel lodging the day before the event, transportation to and from the hotel and venue the day of the event, and transportation from the hotel to the airport the day after the event.

Podcast Volunteer and Intern Opportunities


Research, contact, and book guests.


Create podcast episode show notes and descriptions. Research quests, compile guest biographies, and write guest questions.


When needed, perform as a co-host or special guest host. Bilingual in English and French, Spanish, or Creole is a plus.


Record voiceovers for podcast intros and sponsor messages.

Video and Audio Editing

Edit and export the video and audio versions of each podcast episode.

Social Media and Graphic Design

Collect guest headshots. Create website and social media images. Create YouTube thumbnails. Post and promote podcast episodes on social media.

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The Our Vision Caribbean and Latino Film Festival is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a space for Caribbean and Latino filmmakers to tell their stories and share their work. To support the work of the festival and promote Caribbean and Latino Filmmakers please visit to contact the festival and offer your support.