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Video, 12+1 Best Black Film Festivals for Emerging Independent Films and Filmmakers 🍿

When I wrote my first list of the “Top 12 Black Film Festivals” in 2008 for eZineArticles, I had no idea that nearly 15 years later, it would emerge as the most-referenced and borrowed-from definitive list of Black film festivals. By popular demand, I have updated the original list with a fresh take on the “12 Best Black Film Festivals for Independent Filmmakers” in 2023.

Video Interview, How to Make It in Hollywood as a Successful Actor 🎭 Bechir Sylvain

🎙️ On this episode, we speak with Haitian American actor Bechir Sylvain about how to make it in Hollywood as a successful professional actor, as well as the SAG Hollywood Actors Strike. Bechir’s storied career, which includes acting for film, television, and games, includes his portrayal of the characters EJ on the TNT hit series “Claws” and Willie on BET’s “Bigger.”

Video Interview, Migrant Human Rights 🇲🇽 Espacio Migrante ☮️ Sarah Soto and Jessica Valcin

🎙️ On this episode, we speak with Sarah Soto and Jessica Valcin from Espacio Migrante, a Tijuana, Mexico-based grassroots organization who advocates for the human rights of migrants along the border, in Mexico. Over the last 15 years, the diversity makeup of the migrant demographic has rapidly evolved into an international mix of migrants from all around the world.

Video Interview, Filmmaker BonVida and Actor Musician Leslie A. Jones aka Mister Jones 🎃 The Night Boyz Hip Hop Horror Film

🎙️ On this episode, we speak with filmmaker, BonVida, and actor, musician, Leslie A. Jones, aka, Mister Jones, about their recent urban Hip Hop Horror film, The Night Boyz. Get tickets now for The Night Boyz Los Angeles Red Carpet Premiere on Saturday, October 14th at 2:30 PM by visiting

Video Interview, Actor, Activist, Social Media Influencer, Univision Political Correspondent 🎙️ Heidy Torres

🎙️ On this episode, we speak with actor, filmmaker, social media influencer, and Univision Political Correspondent, Heidy Torres. Through the arts, acting, on-air personality, and activism, Heidy uses emerging technology, such as TikTok and Instagram, to expand her brand, elevate social issues to public discourse, and empower the people to affect social justice and social change.