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Narrative Short Film
Alan, a boy who was playing with his brother Mateo in a forest, disappears after encountering a mysterious lake.

Saturday, January 13, 2024
Session 2 – 1:15 PM

January 14 – February 13, 2024


Director: Adrian Contreras Juarez
Writer: Adrian Contreras Juarez
Producer: Gabriel Lemus
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Run Time: 10 mins.
Contact: [email protected]

Director Biography
Adrian Contreras Juarez

Carlos Adrián Contreras Juárez. Born in Madero city, Mexico. Studied at the “Luis Buñuel” Film School in Veracruz. Debuted his short film “Leticia y La Moneda” (which was selected at the International Film Festival Cumbre Tajin, and Shorts Mexico).

He made his first feature film “El Silencio De Augusto” and was selected in the Oklahoma Cine Latino Film Festival in the United States, also at the International Film Festival Tampico and received an honorary mention for best feature of the year in the Guadalajara Mexican Fiesta Film Festival, and Regina Orozco was nominated for Best Actress for her work in “El Silencio de Augusto” at the 2021 Platinum Awards.

Adrián Contreras made his short film “El Mensajero” who won to Best Short Film at Oklahoma Cine Latino Film Festival in 2015. The same year it was selected at the Guadalajara International Film Festival MULTIFEST and at The Short Film Creative Festival, in Tijuana Baja California. He made his short film El Poeta which was selected at the International Film Festival: Children and Teenagers in Bogotá Colombia and at the Cinedemente Festival at Celaya, Guanajuato in 2015.

Adrian made his first short film “Carol” in Oklahoma, United States, which won “Better Audience” Award. In 2016, his short Film “La Cama” was accepted in The Short Film Corner in Cannes, France. And in 2017 he made the short film “The Fisherman” who won to Best Drama at Houston International film Festival. Adrian Contreras wrote his first book “El Monstruo del Pantano”.

And then Adrián Contreras wrote, directed and produced the short film “KISS ME” in Los Angeles, California. It was nominated for Best Drama Short Film and Best Drama Actress at Simply Indie Film Fest 2022 in Edmon, Oklahoma. And he wrote and directed the short film“The Guardians’ Lake” and it was selected at the Shorts Mexico 2023.


Mateo: Moises Suarez