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Narrative Short Film
A man finds out he is half Jewish after taking a DNA test.

Saturday, January 13, 2024
Session 2 – 1:15 PM

January 14 – February 13, 2024


Director: Louis Carrasco
Writer: Carlos A Hiciano
Producer: Alfonso M Rodriguez
Producer: Carlos A Hiciano
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Language: English, American Sign Language
Run Time: 12 mins.
Contact: [email protected]

Director Biography
Louis Carrasco

Louis Carrasco is a videographer and photographer from the Bronx, NY. He has worked on numerous films from PA to Director. His focus is now more on directing. He recently received a grant from the Inwood Arts Festival for his latest short film, The Puerto Rican Jew.


Leo: Christian Miranda
Sonia: Linsy Segarra
Jose: Gregor Lopes
Rabbi Adleman: Jim Shankman