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Narrative Short Film
Mario, a Jr. High student, runs and hides during recess, wherever and however he can from his classmate José. Meanwhile, José searches for Mario and does everything in his power to find him. The tension between classmates culminates when one of them finally finds the other…

Saturday, January 13, 2024
Session 1 – 12:00 PM

January 14 – February 13, 2024


Director: Áron Ferenc Kostyál
Writer: Marissa Chibás
Producer: Áron Ferenc Kostyál
Genre: Thriller
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Run Time: 3 mins.
Contact: [email protected]


Mario: Donaldo Israel
José: Uzziel Carrillo

Director Biography
Áron Ferenc Kostyál

Born in Budapest, Aron Kostyal is a young Mexican-ized Hungarian filmmaker. His experience in a cultural clash, added to his experience editing and creating YouTube videos, has given him the knowledge and tools to make artistic short films based on Mexican life and culture.

After writing and directing the shorts “Love Cut Into Pieces”, and “Chronicle of a Victory”, “Hide”, his new short film, might be the best one yet.

Director Statement

I chose to direct this film because of the deep message I believe it will have on each viewer. After telling the story to many friends and family members, I realized that everyone had a vastly different interpretation of it. This inspired me even more to direct the film, since, personally, I think creating a sandbox of interpretations and emotions is what all great movies should do. I am really happy we got permission to shoot this film in an actual school, and that we could cast real students of said school to play the characters. Creating this movie was a magical experience, one that made me re-live many childhood memories.