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Narrative Feature Film
Blending the cultural differences of HAITIAN and NIGERIAN TRADITIONS, “Unexpected Love” captures the AMERICAN COLLEGE experience through the lens of INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Ada, Jean, Marie and Nnamdi. Experience the whirlwind journey of friendship and the blossoming of young love in this heart warming, music filled, ROMANTIC COMEDY.

January 14 – February 13, 2024


Director: Abdias Laguerre
Writer: Aly Laveaux
Writer: Obianuju Sandra Madueke Laveaux
Producer: Smarlin Rafael Gutierrez
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Country: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 101 mins.
Contact: [email protected]


Nneka Ike:
Ada Ike: Tonye Garrick
Jean Bapiste: Athlet (Flav) St Fleur
Marie: Naomy Grand’Pierre
Nnamdi: Ugonna Madueke
Uncle Daniel: Reginald Chevalier
Chief Ike: NaMÓ

Director Biography
Abdias Laguerre

Abdias Laguerre immigrated to the United States at the age of 14 with the aim of pursuing a career in television and film. As the eldest of three in a West Indies household, Laguerre opted for a less conventional path—choosing the realms of storytelling and film that few ventured into. The pursuit of a career in the film industry, especially without a support system, can be challenging, but Laguerre’s determination to persevere rewarded him with great success as a cinematographer.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Laguerre boasts an impressive resume, having worked on over 500 music videos and commercials with some of the most prominent artists and brands. Despite facing hardships, Laguerre utilized his personal struggles to fuel his creativity, captivating audiences through visuals. In 2012, Laguerre took a significant step by founding Lux Media and Marketing, a production and media company dedicated to showcasing Haitian culture through content, branding, and marketing.

Presently, Laguerre has chosen to continue his mission as a filmmaker, reaffirming his commitment to a craft that has always been his first love.

Director Statement

The pursuit of a life partner is filled with anxiety, fear, thrill, and hope. Each of these emotions is amplified when living as diaspora in a foreign country. This is because despite being miles away from our homes in a world uniquely different from ours in culture, belief, tradition and values, there is an expectation to find a partner who is not only from our home country but preferably from the specific town and even village.

This expectation is juxtaposed with the requirement to assimilate to the culture of the foreign land that we now reside in. While some meet this expectation others must deal with the challenges of navigating an unexpected or “disapproved of“ love. As a Haitian diaspora, I and many of my friends and family have navigated this challenge in varied degrees. This is why Unexpected Love resonates so deeply with me.

This movie is a story about first love that must navigate varied cultures, norms, and traditions, as well as differences in personalities, goals, and priorities. It is a story as old as time – of two people from different worlds, thrown into one world and drawn together in a bond of love. It is timeless and sweet, mixed with disappointments and pleasures.

In a world that is rapidly becoming smaller, this story will resound with many across the world who are ready to break the barriers that separate us and challenge the status quo. I am convinced that the sweetest and deepest love is most often found in unexpected places and although the journey is filled with challenges and obstacles, it is ultimately worth it all.